Our Shop Is Open!

Our Shop Is Open!

We have opened our new shop, where you can find lots of shiny things to enjoy…

Insider Knowledge

One of the most exciting items available is Insider Knowledge, by spending a small amount, you will have access to all our on-going research in the search for the Hercules C-130. All the money gathered from this purchase will go towards our continued investigation. You can read more about the story here.


‘Journey’ by The Dolmen is available, this CD tells the tale of Grahame’s work to protect the maritime history of the South Coast. The album was a collaboration between both Grahame, and the Dorset based band, The Dolmen and it has some great tracks!

Signed A3 & Limited Edition Prints

The aviation painter, Simon Cattlin, in his studio with the completed oil painting of the Hercules C-130 on it’s final flight.

We are pleased to have both the limited edition prints, and smaller open edition prints, of the fantastic painting by Simon Cattlin available to the public. Now we have fulfilled our Kickstarter rewards, we can finally open the sale of these to all of you, and they are worth the wait!

Simon Cattlin is a very talented aviation artist, who uses his experience as a painter and a pilot to create highly detailed and accurate oil paintings of aircraft in flight. Simon did an amazing amount of research on the markings of the C-130, the weather at the time and other factors to truly bring the final journey of the Hercules to life. It is a beautiful commemoration of Paul’s fateful flight.


So please check the shop out, and support us if you can! 

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