“Bird in the sky”

The story of Paul Meyer, BBC Radio 4

“Bird in the sky” by Emma Jane Kirby Will be aired on Radio 4, 31st July 14.15. The forty-five-minute documentary drama tells us more about Paul Meyer, the man and is partly based on transcripts obtained through freedom of information. The story spans his time in Vietnam up until the day he and the aircraft appeared to vanish. We are still working hard on what happened after that and although Covid 19 has put the brakes on we are still making progress, slowly, slowly. Dog with a bone doesn’t come close!

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4 thoughts on ““Bird in the sky””

  1. Fascinated by the radio programme. Although I lived in Suffolk from about 1972, I’d never heard of Paul Meyer and his sad story. Have sent you a “friend” request on FB as I would love to know if, post Covid you discover more.

  2. Hi, discovered your website when looking for information about the S.S.Treveal, and it is the only site which mentions it as I could see? I live in Kent and a book on Kent mentioned this, what if any the connection with is I do not know, apart from being the English Channel, of course living near the the Goodwin Sands there is such great history there, and at the moment with D.H.B seeking to dredge there for the material to reclaim land for the new harbour works ,there is concern over disturbance of the many historic/ natural facets of of this area.
    This lockdown I have enjoyed reading the books of David Chamberlain such as “Saga of the Downs”-” A Heritage from the Goodwins”
    Eric F

  3. You sound like a man after my own heart Eric. Dredging is always a nightmare goodness knows how much maritime history it has destroyed. Yes lock down has provided reading time and allowed me to follow up on the next project as well as the existing ones.


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