Building the story

Building the story 1

Grumpy bird awaits us at the entrance to the National Archives! For now I think we have checked out every line of enquiry at this fantastic facility with regard to Paul Meyer and the flight of the Hercules, we now have to look further afield. Same applies to the newspaper archives which we have trawled through again and again here in the UK and in the US. The more I delve into this story the more I realise we are missing key pieces firstly in the form of documentation which in the circumstances is not surprising but then there is Paul himself? 
Bringing his story to life is key in understanding what happened almost fifty years ago, suffice to say I really do not buy the fact that he was just a drunk that made a really bad decision there is much more to it than that. At the military academy he was described as a Huckleberry Finn kind of character which seems a little odd in the light of how others saw him certainly during his time in Germany and the UK. 
What I would really like to know is what was he like prior to being in the military and also during his time in Vietnam which no one as yet seems to want to talk about. That said there may be nothing to talk about but for sure if we are really going to bring this man home we have to leave no stone unturned. There is a lot more to all this than meets the eye and that is the reason I am on this seemingly endless road.

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