Cabin layout

Quite uncanny how the Mersey class boat works for us. The forward seat and bench will be the sonar station, the rear seat and table will be the drop camera and ROV station. The correct power supplies are to hand so no rewiring to do. We have a bit of work to do on the rear deck to accommodate a couple of divers when required then its job done.A constant worry for us in the past are the cables under the boat and the potential to foul the propellors, we did that once and it was very expensive! The twin props on this boat are up out of the way in tunnels and we can also access them from inside if we needed to clear them, very clever system. The weight is also a bonus this is a heavy boat and that is what we need, we can deal with the boat rolling but pitching and snatching is what causes us problems when we are in 200ft of water trying to image the seabed. A further bonus for me and my old back is that there is full standing room throughout the engine room! So all in all sounds perfect however there is one fly in the ointment and that is fuel consumption. I will worry about that later! Haha.

Cabin layout 1

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