Closer To The Truth


One aspect of the Paul Meyer story has always puzzled us. Paul was in the air a danger to all on the ground, so could anyone seriously try to talk him down with the massive risks of safely landing a 60 ton aircraft involved?

Getting the Hercules in the air is one thing but talk to any pilot and getting it back on the ground safely is a whole different ball game.

Let’s make the assumption the decision was made to shoot him down on the grounds of safety and that is what happened, so why try to cover it up?  Everyone could then be up front and just tell the truth. Even Paul’s family would agree that he was a danger and would accept that taking him down was probably the only sensible course of action.

We have been following a lead for over a year and recently it came to a very emotional conclusion that answers the previous questions. For the first time the narrative makes sense of it all. At this time we cannot nor will not disclose our source but we can say with some confidence the information supplied is credible, supports what we already know, comes from someone of honour and a sense of duty, and a love for their country.

We now have to find another way to prove the story, which is somewhat easier now we know what actually happened. Or we will find a way to protect our source if they decide they want to step forward, however in the murky world we are working within that seems unlikely.

As ever we are concentrating hard on confirming events but now with increased vigour and a real view of the end game after fifty years!

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