Family comes first

Family comes first 1

Just as Paul Meyer made the decision to put his family above all else, I have also recently had to make the same decision hence news on the Hercules project has been a little slow. However, while I deal with the saddest of situations progress is still being made on several fronts following what we discovered on the seabed back in November. I am not a betting man but if I was, I think it is fair to say that I would put money on what I think happened on 23rd May nineteen sixty-nine but that is not good enough it has to be proved. My opinion is free and worth nothing in a court of law, substantiating the facts is expensive in both time and money but that is the route we must take. Enough progress has already been made to establish beyond doubt that the aircraft was located on the seabed shortly after it was lost which is something that the USAF has never admitted despite telling Paul’s family, they would update them on any further developments. Focus now is on why what remains of the aircraft is where it is and that has some chilling possibilities as does the sighting of a body near the wreck some weeks later and we believe this is the same body that was spotted on the 19th July between Guernsey and France. As previously mentioned, substantiating this beyond doubt is expensive but we have come too far to stop now. All this sounds dramatic enough however there is one more undisputable piece of evidence on the seabed that really does blow the mind when you think about it and for now, I am trying not to. As I am often heard to say, one step at a time.   

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