I see no ships….

Visibility is our problem at the moment and has frustrated us for a few days in our search for the Hercules. While we have had flat calm conditions the unseasonably warm air over a still cold sea has meant the surface visibility in the middle of the channel has been rubbish or marginal at best. Towing 600ft of cable behind the boat means we can’t just stop without wrapping everything around the propellors or sending the towfish crashing to the seabed. We are working in a very busy area of shipping and are surrounded by static fishing gear, even when visibility is good the markers are still hard to spot. However inshore it has been lovely, so lovely and bright in fact Paul was unable to read the laptop without burying himself under my coat! Whilst our search at sea is temporarily on hold the quest for further information regarding what actually happened on 23rd May 1969 has reached fever pitch, the twists and turns in this story know no bounds but slowly ever so slowly we are getting through the chaff and a picture is now emerging, all we have to do is prove it…


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