While the weather remains rubbish Paul and I go through sonar data and this sidescan sonar screen grab highlights the enormity of our task in the hunt for aircraft. We are mid channel in 200ft of water and the diameter of my highlight circle is around 70 metres. There is certainly something man made in the circle very broken and decayed giving a magnetometer signal as well as being very apparent on the sidescan image. It is only 1 metre high but there is a lot of it and experience tells me it is very sanded over. So far this one mark alone has been the subject of discussion with various fisherman and trawlermen and it is one of several marks we need to examine in our search for aircraft remains. Before we take a look at it proper we will go back again with the sidescan on a shorter range and take a more in depth look now we know something is there. Just to make the task more interesting it is in the eastbound shipping lane and our French friends don’t like us poking about in there! The cross hatching marks on the right of the scan are marks made by trawlers and it is apparent they do not go near the obstruction for obvious and in the past hard learnt expensive reasons.

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  1. Great find. You never know as a diver what you will find underwater and it seems the same with sidescanning. Of course it helps if you have an experienced eye to spotand decipher anomalies.

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