The best day this year as we roar out into the channel yet again. We are settling into a routine now scouring the channel looking for what may remain of the Hercules. As the press interest dies and the hard up film production companies have given up ringing asking me to give away everything for nothing we settle back into a tough regime of long hard days punctuated by even longer days post processing and researching. This is a tough task and only the tough ones are left, it was never going to be a five minute operation ending with an instant result. Even our critics have gone quiet for now and silence surrounds us as we just keep smashing it the only way we know how.

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  1. It takes a certain sort of person to drag themselves out to the middle of the channel, surrounded by lobster pots and hundreds of thousands of tons of ships passing by every few minutes, throwing tens of thousands of pounds of electrical equipment into the sea and scouring the sea bed for the relatively minuscule remains of a 49 year old plane wreck.

    The weather gods have certainly been smiling recently. Wish I could have been out yesterday, it looked absolutely glorious. Very bizarre though, as I type this a few drops of rain have just started falling.

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