Just click like and move on is becoming so last year!

I have decided for now to break all ties with social media, many reasons for this but the main one is using my time to best effect. I figured that those who want to know what is going on can come here and take a look and if that is too much effort I guess they are not that interested. My life is a life of maritime projects and from now on my time is divided into three parts. Being out there at the sharp end doing it, researching what we are doing and lastly writing about it, filming it, presenting it, using whatever it takes to tell the story except social media which so far has been way too fickle and transient to be of much help and just dissolves the real content.

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  1. Paul Smith

    Makes sense. So much “noise” on social media too, things are posted one minute and gone the next. People care for about 5 minutes, then something else comes along and distracts.

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