Lockheed Hercules 63-7789 is no longer missing the real Paul Meyer story is coming home.

In some ways finding the aircraft was the easy bit (HaHa). We now have a real task ahead of us but as usual we will come at it straight and level whatever it takes. We will treat the aircraft remains as if it were a crime scene the first job being to map out and image not just the main site but the various pieces we can see on the sonar around the site.

Already it is obvious we will learn a lot from what is still there after fifty years however the work is going to be painstaking as we reverse engineer the sequence of events. We cannot do this alone we require folks with specialist knowledge and we areĀ  working on that very hard right now. Having located the aircraft we can already dispel a lot of stupid rumours and conspiracy theories which is certainly half the battle won.

It is though fairly obvious that many facts regarding that day have been withheld and it would be a really good idea if someone got the file out and started talking to us before we start to tell the story our way, trust me we have a David and Goliath situation here and we will stop at nothing to figure this sad story out.

2 Replies to “Lockheed Hercules 63-7789 is no longer missing the real Paul Meyer story is coming home.”

  1. Wow Well done to everyone on the team on the finding of 63-7789, I look forward to following your investigation and finally hearing the truth and seeing the remains of the Aircraft.

    1. Many thanks for your interest David it has been a long road and we still have a way to go yet but we will get there in the end. Are you by any chance based in Paris?

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