3D Gallery

One thing Deeper Dorset really wants to achieve is to bring the story of a wreck to life. This is not always possible through photos and video alone, although these are indeed valuable tools for the job. In 2015, we really started to ramp up efforts in this area, and a relatively new (certainly to us) area of documenting a wreck site is to build a 3D model representation of it.

After many hours of research we started using Agisoft’s Metashape to build some simple models from various objects we’d been photographing, just to explore what was possible. I think it is fair to say we were all hooked and saw this new technology as a vital part of our toolset.

Thanks to an incredible sponsorship from Agisoft, donating a full professional licence to their excellent Metashape software, we have really pushed forward with mapping and modeling various objects and wreck sites.

Below you will find some of the models that have been built and released publicly on the excellent Sketchfab website, mostly by the talented photographer and 3D specialist, Simon Brown of Deep3D.

P47D Wreck