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So now we are back in action with Sea Searcher what comes next? Quite simple really we want to find wrecks that are difficult to find hence haven’t yet been found. Anything of any size mostly has already been located but shipwrecks that predate the mid 19th century and aircraft remains sometimes only show inches above the seabed and that is where our interest lies. The reason? Is the same as climbing Everest, because they are there, and an added bonus all have stories to tell and secrets to be discovered. The sidescan sonar image is of a small wreck (circled) we found over ten years ago which we believe may date back to the mid 1600’s, the keen eyed will spot a few cannons and we used to dive many similar looking piles of junk before we got to this. Apart from a dedicated few most got tired of diving on seabed rubbish, which is quite understandable. We have learnt over time how to overcome that issue and in a day we can now check out dozens of targets that would have taken us weeks to investigate with divers. 

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