And diving is only part of what we do!

A great week’s diving. We dived some junk, we dived some real pieces of history and found ourselves in places no one has been before. We answered a few questions and closed the book on a couple of sites as well as opening the book and creating a new list of questions on another. We made progress with a project that will become the basis of a book and photogrammetry again proved it’s worth mapping finds. Folks got the chance to try their hand at metal detecting, we had a few laughs, we drank a few beers, even had an impromptu BBQ with live entertainment. Big thanks in no particular order to Cath, Hugh, Danny, Andy, Tapio, James, Simon, Rob, Nathan, Mike, Paul and inappropriate guy for a fun week. As for the picture… judge for yourself. Weymouth used to be the top destination for UK diving my how times have changed, however it is still here, I am still here and there is still much to offer UK diving, when UK diving wakes up again.

First weekend dives as Deeper Dorset

Great weekend to be out with Deeper Dorset and as most times when we came back between the piers each day we knew more than when we went out. For now we have to be a little quiet about the project we are working on as it will be the subject of a book and we want all the latest information and photographs to appear in that first for obvious reasons. Was a bit of a sad couple of days in some respects as it will probably be the last time I use Coastal Guardian in anger for exploration, she is a great boat with huge potential but really needs to be operating in the commercial world to make financial sense unless I manage to find a sugar Daddy!

Caroline of Leigh

The Caroline of Leigh was a Moody yacht that disappeared with four crew in December 1979. Nearly forty years later her remains still lie on the seabed south of Lulworth. Deeper Dorset are involved in a project that may even after all this time shed some more light on what happened that day. This video shows what remains of her bow and midship section, the stern keel and various other parts lay nearby. The video is a one shot quick survey for our project records with no edits and was filmed by Andy White. Tragically days after this video was made Andy died in a diving accident off the Devon Coast and we hope that a planned book will be dedicated to Andy and the four crew that perished when the Caroline was lost.
Caroline of Leigh