Progressing 1

The amount of rumour and conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of Paul Meyer beggars belief. I am doing my level best not to add to them but just chip away at each and every one a process that takes time and in most cases requires professional help. Slowly slowly we Are stripping back the stories and putting them in the possible or not possible trays and some we can now declare as at best fanciful. 

Regards the last we can forget the story about the aircraft being intercepted on the German border, we can put to bed the story of an American mystery pilot who went up in a Lightning and shot him down as claimed in the book “The Lightning Boys”. We can also now view the conclusion at the end of the USAF report as either careless or requiring a rewrite of the laws of physics. 
Right now I am spending time checking out all that was recovered after the crash and who recovered it, the bag pictured is something under scrutiny right now.

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