Aircraft Projects

It isn’t just shipwrecks that we look for and investigate, there are many incredible stories involving aircraft lost in the Dorset sea area.

Having spent the last few years concentrating on pre 1850 shipwreck sites that often consist only of anchors and cannons it is time for a change and with the exception of our continuing work on The Caroline Of Leigh concentrate on Dorset’s aviation history and losses at sea.

No doubt we will come across other sites of interest and who is to say that while looking for aircraft wrecks we may not stumble across an 18th century shipwreck? That is the way it goes as we scour the seabed with sidescan sonar. There are many missing aircraft to find but of particular interest are the following all of which we have researched extensively over the last ten years.   Bristol Freighter G-AIFF   Sea Vixen XN708   Mustang KH694   Sea Vixen XS581   Lockheed Hercules 63-7789  P47D Thunderbolt