Weymouth Torpedoes

In March 2015 we got to hear that the Nothe fort in Weymouth had a collection of torpedoes and associated equipment surplus to requirements. There was talk of scrapping much of it and the really nice pieces would go to a museum in Gosport and into storage. Most of this collection was manufactured at the Whiteheads factory in Wyke Regis Weymouth and it seemed to us that as much of it as possible should stay in the area. At our expense we moved the entire collection into secure storage while we considered what to do with it all initially thinking we would like to keep the whole collection together but it soon became apparent there was not much appetite in the local area for preserving and displaying these weapons of war despite the incredible engineering. Over a period of four years and after much hard work we have found homes for every piece, sadly some of it went to other areas but three complete torpedoes found homes locally, the restored example is at the D day museum Castletown Portland. All in all, a great result and a big part of maritime history saved which is what Deeper Dorset is all about.

Weymouth Torpedoes 1
Removing the collection from the Nothe Fort
Weymouth Torpedoes 2
Part of the collection after removal from the Nothe Fort
Weymouth Torpedoes 3
Restored torpedo at Castletown D day museum