Remembering the few

Dorset waters are the final resting place for many a brave pilot. It doesn’t matter to me if they are British, German, American or any other they were all young men doomed by those days of madness. The official line is that aircraft wreck sites are protected by the Protection Of Military Remains Act and they will be there for future generations, the reality is crash sites are slowly being swallowed by nature and quickly being destroyed by man. So does it matter and if it does who is to blame? Well for sure it is impossible to protect all these sites however it does seem somewhat disrespectful to not even try to raise awareness of the sites and in doing so tell the stories of those brave men rather than wave a big stick saying all is protected keep off move along which is just cloud cuckoo land. The pictures show the effects of fishing gear on a WW2 aircraft that has over recent years been literally pulled apart. I will highlight a couple more examples in the week as we prepare to go hunting aircraft with sidescan sonar.


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