Remote camera version 1.3467?

Remote camera version 1.3467? 1

It might look a bit Heath Robinson but we are slowly refining and tuning this bit of kit into our eyes beneath the waves. As can be seen a couple of posts back it has already found its first shipwreck and we are now very quickly able to check out sonar targets without wasting diver time. It didn’t come cheap nothing to do with being in or on the sea ever does and with that in mind I am now already starting to think about how we are going to fund the project if we haven’t found the aircraft by the end of the summer and our Kickstarter funding has run out. One thing for sure we wouldn’t be where we are without the Kickstarter backers and the publicity that surrounded the campaign, another thing for sure we are not going to give up we are way too far down the road for that to be an option. This project is not just about finding the aircraft it is just as much about telling the real story that according to many of today’s armchair aviation experts is already done, dusted and out there! Nowt so queer as folk best describes them I guess.

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