Schooner from Jersey to Southampton. – (LARN & Farr: p93) Captain H. Hastings. Cargo COAL (Tar & Grease). Crew of 4 saved by Swanage lifeboat CHARLOTTE MARY – Old Harry Ledge, Handfast Point. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1889 Appx. C Table 1.


Sailing Vessel – Salisbury & Winchester Journal: 18/01/1819 “Weymouth Jan. 16. On Monday morning last the ship WILLIAM KEDGER of Plymouth from St. Michael’s for Portsmouth was driven ashore on Portland Beach and the Captain, mate and 1 man were drowned. The only person saved is a boy, son of the mate. Part of the … Read Article


Barque of Poole, from Quebec. (Farr: p115) & (LARN) – Lieut. Parsons Chief Officer of Bournemouth Coastguards received a silver medal he coxed the galley, rowed by four of his men. There is also a mention that they also saved four of five men from a lifeboat from Sir Percy Shelly’s yacht which had tried … Read Article

WILLIAM DYER of Weymouth

Times: Thursday, December 9, 1886, Issue 31938 – The William Dyer of Weymouth bound for Guernsey has put back and anchored outside Portland Breakwater flying a signal of distress: a tug from Weymouth has gone to assist. Extreme Gales Ship Incident.


Probably a local boat. Captain Besant. – Hook Sands, Poole Harbour. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1841 Appx 3 p27.


Coastguard John Keogh led a crew to save members of this Schooner crew but lost his life later trying to save the cargo. Refs. Dor. Mag; 1976, No. 50 p19. & Farr: p18.


Times May be the William of Exeter, Thomas Westmacott. See also Morning Post, 7 December, 1838, Issue 20592.

WILD WAVE of Jersey

Times: Monday, January 20, 1879, Issue 29469 – “The Wild Wave of Jersey from Antwerp for Nantes with lead has been towed into Weymouth by the Commodore, steamer, having been in collision on Friday night off Portland with an unknown vessel (later found to be the John and Ann, Russian Brig, Issue 29470) and sustained … Read Article


WILD WAVE, Brigantine of Exeter – Cargo COAL “Making for Poole struck the Peveril Ledge, near Swanage. Luckily the Coastguard saw the accident, ordered two gigs to be manned and the Rocket Apparatus to be taken to the cliffs. The second line fired fell between the masts and was secured, but no sooner had this … Read Article


Sailing Vessel – Captain I. Martin. Cargo COAL. (LARN, VLI.) – North Haven Point, Poole. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1893 Appx. C Table 1 p108.