Dumb Barge, lost by its tow tug FLYING KESTREL went aground on Milkmaid Shoal, Poole Harbour. See LARN. & (Farr: p102). The lone seaman was rescued by Coxswain Robert Brown of the Swanage lifeboat.


RAILWAY LINE WRECK – Possibly a Barge – (Dive Dorset: 195 p147: GPS; 50 34.52N; 02 11.45W. 9 miles from Weymouth. Cargo RAILWAY (Lines)? NIL.


Dumb Barge – (Details in LARN) Story involves the Paddle Steamer BOURNEMOUTH. Sank off Portland Bill. Weymouth Library Photograph L387.5 B1.1. The Peca (Paca?) Nova – Ex ‘Brodick Castle’ – 1910 After the loss of the paddle steamer BOURNEMOUTH, her owners completed the season by chartering the PRINCESS HELENA and then the paddle steamer BRODICK … Read Article

PAS (C 182)

Dumb Barge – (LARN) – Sank while under tow, 5 miles SSW of Portland Bill. Ref. MOD(N) Hyd. Wk. No. 013401300.

PAS (C 19)

A Dumb Barge – A lighter under tow which broke away and sank in 30 metres 3.6 miles NNW (150 degrees) off Portland Bill. SW Chain Red 7.46; Purple (F) 60.94. LARN, VLI. Ref. MOD(N) Hyd. Wk. No. 013401592.


Steam Powered Coal Barge – Drifted on to rocks and broke up on rocks at Osmington Mills. (LePard: p24) NIL.


Sailing Barge/Ketch (London) – Captain W. King. Cargo Clay. LARN – Poole Breakwater. Note: Poole Lifeboat HARMER saved the crew of four. Farr: List p133.


Sailing Barge – Cargo CEMENT (Bagged). Weymouth Library Photo. L919.4 LA6. 100 yards W of Bridport Pier Head. Ran ashore near the Harbour piers at West Bay. She was re-floated and repaired. Ref. Southern Times: 04/12/1909 & LePard: p 139.


Sailing Barge – Captain R. Watts. (LARN, VLI.) – Poole Harbour. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1897 Appx. C Table 3 p172.


Sailing Barge – Poole. Note: Cargo STONE. LARN, “This barge was under tow of a tug from Saint Alban’s, when it leaked and foundered, half a cables length south of the ledge.” Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1911 Appx. C Table 1 p88 (228).