An Admiralty hired drift netter; No. 2171. Nature of loss not recorded. St Alban’s Head. (LARN, VLI.) Ref. ADM.APV. 1919


Fishing Vessel – New Quay, Poole. Story local to Poole. Lies derelict at the end of Poole Harbour Pier. Built in WW2 as an Admiralty Type 1001 MFV. Sold to ‘Apple’ the Beatles distribution company but by 1970 she had sunk at her moorings. Raised and abandoned at New Quay Pier. LARN gives a reference … Read Article


DCC: 07/02/1907; “Collision in the Channel off Portland – On Thursday night a French fishing smack, TOURNY, was run into by an unknown steamer in the Channel and sank immediately. The captain, whose name was Francois, and six men were drowned. One French sailor, whose name as yet is unknown, was picked up by a … Read Article


Fishing Vessel – Broke up on Hook Sands, Poole Harbour. Ref. MOD(N) Hyd. Wk. No. 013502797.


Fishing vessel, 3.3 miles SSE Anvil Point – (LARN, VLI.) Ref. MOD(N) Hyd. Wk. No. 013508404.


Fishing Vessel – (Dive Dorset: 148 p116) – 50 35.04N; 02 24.80W. Weymouth Harbour at Chequered Fort. NIL.


Fishing Vessel (MFV) – (LARN, VLI) Engine failure and became a total loss 1 mile NE of St Alban’s Head. Ref. MOD(N) Hyd. Wk. No. 013403989.


Motor Fishing Vessel [35M] – Excellent detail in Dive Dorset: 67 p62: GPS; 50 34.27N; 02 38.34W. (Clarke: GPS; 50 34.28N; 02 38.44W) Divers Guide; Weymouth & Portland: Ed 4 p32-33 Wk 8.


Saratoga sunk at her mooring in Weymouth, raised and sank under tow. EX-ADMIRALTY MFV 41. BUILT OF WOOD IN 1943. OIL ENGINE SINGLE SHAFT. SANK WHILE UNDER TOW FROM WEYMOUTH TO POOLE. LATER SNAGGED BY FV WHICH PULLED THE WHEELHOUSE FREE. Fishing Vessel [27M] – (Clarke: GPS; 50 36.02N; 02 21.20W) (See also LARN, ex … Read Article


HMS REMINDO. Admiralty Trawler [50M] – (Dive Dorset: 55 – 50 26.17N; 02 43.64W) 3 Officers & 16 Naval Ratings lost off Portland Bill. (Clarke: GPS; 50 26.16N; 02 43.74W) Reason for sinking not known. Ref. SRN: Vol. 2 P297. & ADM.APV. 1919 p9e.