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At Last.... 1

At Last….

Exciting times ahead.. After three years of being messed about and shoved from pillar to post we now have a way forward with historic racing yacht Dolly Varden. Sadly it doesn’t involve my home town of Weymouth but it wasn’t for the lack of trying, just a shame there is such a lack of vision … Read Article

On the throne 2

On the throne

What have we here then? Centre stage the dunny from Dolly Varden soon to be off to Blakes for restoration, we know King GeorgeV spent time onboard Dolly I wonder if the value of the bog increases if we could prove he used the facilities?? Everything else is torpedo related and is soon off to … Read Article

Time for focus 3

Time for focus

When I started The Shipwreck Project a good few years ago now it was primarily based around diving and trying to get folks involved in maritime history, sadly it didn’t work out and hard expensive lessons were learned. Trying to do too many things at once is a failing of mine but that said in … Read Article

Discovery and Rescue

Dolly is about to get a rude awakening after 25 years. Dolly has been out of the water for twenty five years and some restoration was started but not completed. Luckily although outside she has been well sheeted in and the major structure has faired well although there is much shrinkage after all that time … Read Article

Dolly’s Gentlemen Friends

Thomas White Ratsey Pictured aboard Dolly Varden circa 1930 Tom Ratsey purchased Dolly Varden in 1888 after having watched her race and win since 1872. He noticed that although Dolly was quick she was very slow to tack and on purchasing her undertook a drastic alteration to her bow. Her keel was also increased in … Read Article

Some race history

Research is ongoing here but as far as we can tell Dolly raced for over 60 years at least both inshore and offshore with a reputation for going well in heavy conditions. Dolly Varden’s original racing pennant is framed and on display in the Cowes museum. We have in mind someone that can reproduce this … Read Article

About Dolly Varden

Dolly Varden was bult in 1872 and has had a long and distinguished racing career with an ever changing rig as she was used extensively for testing sails and rigging under the ownership of Tom Ratsey of Ratsey and Lapthorne sail makers who are still operating to this day. Dolly Varden certainly has plenty of … Read Article

Desperate Dolly 4

Desperate Dolly

You may have noticed on the Deeper Dorset website there is a link to famous racing yacht Dolly Varden built 1872. With Deeper Dorset being all about maritime history when the opportunity arose to rescue her from a Dorset field after forty years literally in the wilderness rather than see her burnt I took it. … Read Article

Dolly Varden

Racing yacht Dolly Varden was built at Cowes in 1872 for the Paskins fishing family. She raced with great success under the colours of Richard Grant secretary of The Royal Yacht Squadron. In 1888 she was purchased by Thomas Ratsey of sailmakers Ratsey and Lapthorne fame. Dolly was used and raced as a sail development … Read Article