Bird in the Sky 2

Bird in the Sky

Something to do in lockdown, seems a few missed this when it went out on Radio 4 in July. Factual dramatised account of Paul Meyer’s last flight written by my friend Emma Jane Kirby. BBC.CO.UKDrama – Bird in the Sky – BBC SoundsThe mystery of a homesick US Air Force mechanic who stole a plane … Read Article

Nothing is going to stop us 5

Nothing is going to stop us

While we are in lock down and I have the time I will shortly be making a video explaining where we are with the Paul Meyer story and releasing a little more information. Folks are wondering what is happening and after losing last year because of the loss of my dear wife Penny it looks … Read Article

Closer and closer 6

Closer and closer

As we get back up to speed and one year on from locating the remains of Paul Meyer’s Hercules we can now reveal a little more surrounding the tragic events fifty years ago. Only as we confirm findings are we prepared to talk in full and it is essential at every stage that we don’t … Read Article


Closer To The Truth

One aspect of the Paul Meyer story has always puzzled us. Paul was in the air a danger to all on the ground, so could anyone seriously try to talk him down with the massive risks of safely landing a 60 ton aircraft involved? Getting the Hercules in the air is one thing but talk … Read Article


This page includes information and details of our discoveries. You can also view our Archives page which contains links to all discoveries and other pages, videos and images.

50 years today 7

50 years today

50 years ago today Paul Meyer made the fatal decision to fly home. Why he did it, what happened to him and the aircraft has been at the top of my to do list for over a decade. You would be forgiven for thinking finding the aircraft as we have was the hard bit however … Read Article


If you want a job done…

Fair to say this isn’t the start to 2019 I was wishing for. Family has to come first at this time but I was hoping that by now we would have some help on side to share costs and tell the Paul Meyer story in this 50th anniversary year. It is now looking like we … Read Article