Cabin layout 1

Cabin layout

Quite uncanny how the Mersey class boat works for us. The forward seat and bench will be the sonar station, the rear seat and table will be the drop camera and ROV station. The correct power supplies are to hand so no rewiring to do. We have a bit of work to do on the … Read Article

Shipwreck database 2

Shipwreck database

We have launched our shipwreck database as a project simply because that is what it is. Already substantial and containing images not seen before it will be ongoing as we constantly update it, check out the link database

Never mind the quality feel the history! 3

Never mind the quality feel the history!

As the title suggests this screen grab is a little shabby but in the can we have some nice footage of a mid 19th century iron sailing ship. This is what a virgin shipwreck looks like and don’t the fish just love it. Discovering and recording shipwrecks is what we do all at our expense … Read Article

All things sidescan sonar 4

All things sidescan sonar

Still waiting to resolve our camera problems we are bashing it big time with sidescan sonar right now. Scouring the seabed this year for aeroplanes and not knowing what we are going to find be it large or small is all consuming. The data is gone through time and again just in case we missed something … Read Article