Cabin layout 1

Cabin layout

Quite uncanny how the Mersey class boat works for us. The forward seat and bench will be the sonar station, the rear seat and table will be the drop camera and ROV station. The correct power supplies are to hand so no rewiring to do. We have a bit of work to do on the … Read Article

New Era

The times they are a changing

Yesterday marked the beginning of a new era for Deeper Dorset. This might look like a pile of old blocks (and it was) but the fact of the matter was that we had seen this area of rocks on the sidescan sonar in 65ft of water. Because of the regular shape of the rocks and … Read Article

Sonar Library

Collection of sidescan sonar images from around the coast of Dorset. On the left is the zoomed in thumbnail showing the area of interest and on the right is “as we see it” while we’re out sidescanning at sea.