As we prepare to start a project designed to get to the truth of something that happened fifty years ago it appears we are starting to ruffle a few feathers. We have been warned that we might be opening a can of worms… Our reaction to that is we will stick to the facts and let the conspiracy theorists do their thing, worms or no worms we want the facts and we are coming right at it.

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  1. I am hopeful you guys can get to the bottom of this. Our efforts in the states have been stalled at every turn. It seems like they do want anyone to truly know what happened to my stepfather on that fateful morning. We have our suspicions and have heard many theories and we are confidant that you and your team can get those answers.

    1. Thanks for your confidence in us Henry, for sure you know us well enough and can see the effort that has gone into this, we didn’t go to all this trouble expecting to fail.

  2. Good Luck in your quest for answers to this mystery. Henry Ayer and his Family have been lifelong friends, and I know what this did to them. May your hard work find this wreckage

    1. Many thanks for your good wishes Barbara rest assured we will leave no stone unturned.

  3. Sounds like a fascinating investigation. I am a qualified archaeologist who just happens to have a good understanding of ‘Old Albert’ (or Fat Albert – C-130) as I am also a qualified aircraft engineer and spent years on them. If you think I can help in some voluntary way please give me a shout. Best Wishes.

    1. Many thanks Bob we will bear that in mind always good to have experienced folks about particularly once we see what we have on the seabed.

  4. Reading about this on the Air Force Times website
    re awakened my interest in this as i was stationed at Ramstein AB Germany when it happened having been a C-130 crew chief myself and also having had deployed to Mildenhall RAFB on 90 day rotations prior to my Germany assignment.
    At that time i was in the 7th Special Operations Squadron but my office was at the 29TH TFW ,As i recall the talk going around maintenance control was that the Sgt having sobered up and becoming frightened was in radio contact with atc and requesting help to land the C130., armed fighter aircraft were launched and the word later was that the ammo had been expended on the returning fighter acft.However as i remember the whole incident was never mentioned afterwards and i don’t think it was ever publicly released at least in the U.S. I have always thought that the true account was missing and therefore must be an explanation that probably would not fare well with the public.Good luck with your mission and hopefully give a measure of closure to his survivors

  5. A moving story that needs closure.
    I’m NOT part of the tinfoil-hat club, but the fact that the military has kept silent speaks volumes.
    Trust you will find some answers.

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