The truth will out

The truth will out 1

Right from the off with the Paul Meyer story I was determined not to add to the wild rumour and speculation that just developed into conspiracy theories. I am only interested in facts. It was however obvious something wasn’t right that is why we got involved in the first place.

I get asked all the time what I think and I am always cautious, even Paul’s step son Henry pointed out the other day that he thought I was just being nice about an obvious cover up. With the evidence we now have from the seabed and one or two folks starting to break cover as I always knew they would we now have hard facts, so much so that I can now say yes indeed we have not been told the truth.

For now I am going to keep my powder dry and I do know more than I am letting on which is fine because the longer this is allowed to run then the more guilty some are going to look but that is up to them. Come on USAF get that file out and stop pissing us about I know what ya did and I will prove it. When you read the telegram sent to Paul’s wife and see the level of incompetence at the time it says quite a lot, hopefully things aren’t still the same. That wasn’t quite so cautious was it?

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