This one is for the long-haul

Made a game changing decision this morning based on the realisation that finding Paul Meyer’s aircraft is only the beginning and probably the easiest part of the jigsaw to get in place. It is now necessary for me to learn in double quick time how to be a detective and combine that with my long held natural ability to work out who is lying and who is not telling all they know. This story has more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie murder mystery and over the last fifty years conspiracy theorists have had a free run with the passage of time just fueling the fire. I am very aware that if we don’t get to the bottom of this Deeper Dorset will be seen as just another also ran that got nowhere and added yet more fuel to the fire. Folks keep telling me that we will never get to the truth however those that really know me realise that is a red rag to a bull and whatever it takes I will not give up. I really do believe in this case we have a situation where truth is stranger than fiction so why do folks make up stuff? As from now I am dropping everything to work on this full time (don’t worry folks I will still honour what we have already planned) till we get a result which will put the whole story into perspective and for that we have to go well beyond what happened early one morning when the Hercules hit the water.

This one is for the long-haul 1

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