Time for focus

Time for focus 1

When I started The Shipwreck Project a good few years ago now it was primarily based around diving and trying to get folks involved in maritime history, sadly it didn’t work out and hard expensive lessons were learned. Trying to do too many things at once is a failing of mine but that said in my defence if you don’t push on lots of doors you will not find out which ones open. Deeper Dorset is much more focused all about the local area and its maritime history above and below the water. At this time I am concentrating on two projects finding the Hercules and saving racing yacht Dolly Varden, typical me I choose two with a difficulty level off the scale! There is of course a bigger picture and shaping that is what keeps me going fighting like an alley cat. If I was to tell you what the bigger picture is I would be laughed out of town…… This either makes me visionary or mad!     

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