“You will open a can of worms”
“It happened fifty years ago let it go”
“They sound like the UK version of Rick Gillespie” (TIGHAR)
“Some of your story is correct however It was salvaged I saw it on a flat bed truck at Mildenhall”
“It’s in the Atlantic how are you going to investigate that?”
“The US Government and the MOD are not going to take kindly to this being dragged through the media again”
Just some of the more pleasant attempts at discouragement that have come our way which actually only make us more determined to get to the truth.
So with the help of many generous folks we are now able to make this happen. The funds raised are purely to help with expenses primarily fuel, the true cost of this project is frightening in terms of hardware and man hours involved. Most of those that seek to criticise have only had to fund their armchairs so good luck to them while we get on with bringing this story home.
Meantime if anyone else would like to help us out with a donation please do and you will be able to keep up with what we discover as it happens.

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    1. Massive thanks to you Mark and the Dolmen it is now time to get this thing rolling!

  1. I heard this story on Radio 4, and having a keen interest in aviation, found it intriguing.
    A romantic tale with dark overtones..
    I agree with comments that an engineer would be able to take off, but there are many questions :
    Navigation to the US, flying in bad weather and therefore instrument flying, and then at some point it may have dawned on him the enormity of what he was trying to do.

    I accept that he had spoken to his wife, but if he had had a few, then his judgment would have been clouded..

    It is puzzling how easy it was for a member of ground crew to gain access to, refuel and take off during the Cold War period…

    1. There are indeed many questions some will never have answers however if we sit here and wonder we will never know. Let’s see how far down the road we get, for sure it won’t be for the want of effort.

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