When your luck runs out…

If we find aircraft remains the first thing on our minds is who was the pilot, did he survive or did he go down with the plane? Here we have the reverse situation in that we know of a pilot with an improbable background but where is his downed ME109? Talk about unlucky he managed to get the aircraft down on the water and although injured get out onto the wing, however he remained attached to the aircraft by either clothing or webbing no one is sure and as the aircraft sank he was taken down with it. We suspect the propellor hub on the right is from his aircraft and I have merged it with a serviceable hub from an ME109 on the left for confirmation. The hub and two propellor blades were caught in a local boats fishing gear a couple of years back and after much discussion over where exactly it was recovered I think I now have a small enough area to sensibly search with sidescan. So why bother to look for the site? Quite simple really, the remains are the final chapter in a mans life a sad but nevertheless real memorial. Find them and I can use that as the catalyst to tell his story and bring closure to relatives. More details on another fisherman’s find tomorrow, it’s a wonder there is anything left on the seabed, leave it for future generations? No I don’t think so but at least all is protected by the Protection Of Military Remains Act……???


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