From Reynolds’s Newspaper. Sunday October 21 1883 Page 3


The court of inquiry held into the circumstances attending the abandonment of the schooner Æolus, of Padstow, was concluded on Monday at Plymouth. The vessel left London on Sept. 17 for Tralee, and on the 24th, when off Portland, met with a heavy gale. The ship laboured heavily and leaked so badly that she soon became water-logged, and the crew abandoned the vessel about one hour before she sank, landing at Bournemouth. The court, in giving judgment, thought the vessel was in a good and seaworthy condition when she left London. The pumps were efficient and in good order, but the water gained on the crew so rapidly that it was impossible for them to do anything. The vessel was navigated with proper and seamanlike care, and neither the master nor mate were in default. The court, however, considered that in the interest of the public the case was one for inquiry.

Schooner – Cargo CEMENT (Bagged).  Abandoned near The Old Harry Rocks, Poole Bay.

Ref. BOT: 1881-1883.  Part 3, p134/5 (779).

Day of Loss: 24

Month of Loss: 9

Year of Loss: 1883



Approximate Depth: