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Yacht – Captain Wilfred Niemann. (LARN) – Off Lulworth Cove. A brand new yacht on its maiden voyage called into Weymouth on 14/12/1979 and departed soon after. Wreckage of the yacht was found in the net of a trawler off Lulworth Cove 07/02/1980. On board had been the 30 year old skipper, Lothar Griep (37), Ursula Buth (27) and the 45 year old English owner. The wreck of the Yacht was found on 01/07/1980 by four amateur divers at a depth of 110 feet, lying on a flat sandy sea bottom, broken in two pieces, but still held together by the stain steel rigging of the deck rails. A Weymouth fisherman David Pitman, trawled up her engine and gearbox complete on 10/07/1980. Diver 01/1981 Vol. 26 No. 1. Local research would suggest that there was a report of a red flare but the Weymouth Lifeboat was not launched. Two bodies were found soon after the incident and the third much later. Experienced locals are convinced the yacht was hit by a submarine. Obviously there is absolutely no proof whatsoever, but it is more than likely that it sank very quickly.

Day of Loss: 0

Month of Loss: 12

Year of Loss: 1979



Approximate Depth:

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