Barque – (Interesting detail in LARN) – Captain, Martin De La Berre. Crew & Passengers saved by the Rocket Apparatus. Note: Receiver at Weymouth was R. G. Cutesman. Salvage by a Captain Cosens. Chapman’s Pool. Reports in Southern Times: 24/02/1866 & 06/03/1866

Times: Saturday, February 17, 1866, Issue 25424 – Weymouth, Thursday: The French bark Georgiana, laden with mahogany, coffee and cocoa, which was wrecked in Chapman’s Pool on Sunday last during the hurricane from S. W., is being rapidly unloaded, and portions of the cargo, which is in very fair condition, are brought daily into this harbour, and placed in charge of the receiver of droits, Mr. G. Cheeseman, of Her Majesty’s Customs. About one-half of the ship’s cargo has been unloaded, and, should fine weather prevail for the next few days, it is anticipated that the whole of it will be saved, although there does not seem any chance of saving the vessel at present, she being high and dry on the rocks. Ship Incident.

Day of Loss: 11

Month of Loss: 1

Year of Loss: 1866



Approximate Depth: