Times: Saturday, December 25, 1819, Issue 10811 – Weymouth: Extreme Gales: Interesting report; Galley from HMS Hind commanded by 26 year old, Mr. James Hall was washed overboard at Radcliff-point (Redcliff?) Boat beached a mile from the Esplanade. More detail. Also: Smack Hope of Weymouth, Deering master and owner was wrecked at Swanage. Him, his two sons, and one crew drowned. A boat from the Greyhound cruiser was upset drowning four crew. The boats chief boatman was picked up by the Greyhound but he died of exhaustion. This event resulted in 17 children, wholly un-provided for. A local subscription has been set up.

Day of Loss: 25

Month of Loss: 12

Year of Loss: 1819



Approximate Depth: