5,500 ton Merchant Steamship [12M] – (Dive Dorset: 136 p109: GPS: 50 36.49N, 02 25.47W) – Victim of a daring torpedo attack from a German E-Boat. There is a second area of wreckage at 50 36.43N; 02 25.85W. The wreckage on both sites is very scattered due to dispersal by explosives. (Also LARN) – About 0.5 miles from Weymouth Harbour. Refs. Lloyd’s Register: 1938-9(H) & British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW2, p65. Portland Museum No. 18.

Day of Loss: 5

Month of Loss: 7

Year of Loss: 1940

Longitude: 50 36.49

Latitude: 02 25.47

Approximate Depth: 12

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