Liner [55M] – General Cargo. (Clarke: 50 18.47N; 02 59.73W) Torpedoed by German Submarine. Luckily all her passengers had been landed at Plymouth on 21/03/1917. The only life lost was the steward who fell overboard. Two patrol vessels picked up the crew and landed them at Weymouth. Refs. LARN South Devon 1917; MOD(N) Hyd. Wk. No. 013400708; LCWLR: WW1, p107: British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW1, p38; British Merchant Ships sunk by U-Boats: WW1, p175 & PRO: Kew Adm. 137/text missing.

Day of Loss: 22

Month of Loss: 3

Year of Loss: 1917

Longitude: 50 18.47

Latitude: 02 59.73

Approximate Depth: 55