Pilot Boat – DCC: 30/11/1865. – Portland Breakwater. NIL

DCC: 30/11/1865 “It is feared the two men belonging to the pilot cutter SPIDER, of Cowes, have perished in the gale. It would appear that the cutter with four hands piloted into Portland roadstead on Saturday the barque DUSTY MILLER, and that the master of the cutter went ashore at Portland to get his charge for pilotage. The cutter’s boat towards the evening went ashore for the master, but he not being in a hurry to get on board the boat returned to cutter. One of the men, there being three in the boat, caught hold of the side of the cutter preparatory to getting on board, when a sudden squall caught the boat, almost lifting it out of the water, and carried it away towards the end of the Breakwater with two men in it, the third retained his hold of the cutter and scrambling on board. He, however, saw no more of the boat, and it is supposed that having lost the oars she was swept along at a furious pace, eventually upsetting and drowning the two men, as next day the boat was picked up, bottom upwards, on the beach at Baggs’ Hole, near Osmington. Those lost were named Charles Dyer and William Brinson, married men, leaving three and four children respectively, and belong to the Isle of Wight.

Day of Loss: 25

Month of Loss: 11

Year of Loss: 1865



Approximate Depth: