Times: Saturday, November 27, 1824, Issue 12509 – Wrecked; Colville, Wilson: Johannes; Christiana; Two Sisters; Plus 4 unknown. Gales & Ship Incidents

Times: Wednesday, December 1, 1824, Issue 12512 – Weymouth, Nov 28: Two Sisters, from Malaga, of and bound for Hamburg, laden with fruit was wrecked in the west Bay off Abbotsbury at eleven o’clock on the Monday night. The master and three men are saved, one was drowned; The Sally of Portsmouth, is lost in Weymouth Bay, nearly opposite Osmington-mills; the Captain’s son saved himself by leaping on board the Nancy brig, of Weymouth; the rest of the crew were drowned. The Ebenezer, George Pett, Master from Plymouth to Portsmouth, with King’s stores, was thrown by the sea on top of Portland Beach, the master was drowned; Ageneria, Elliott of Weymouth safe in Portland Roads; Colville, Wilson, wrecked in West Bay, 17 bodies picked up and buried at Portland, MI) Westmorland.

The number of bodies picked up in the island of Portland amounts to 25. More detail on the distressed state of the island. MI. Gales & Ship Incidents

Day of Loss: 1

Month of Loss: 12

Year of Loss: 1824



Approximate Depth: