UB-19 [30/11/1916] – German Mine-laying Submarine Type UB-II. Launched 2nd September 1915 and entered the German Navy on the 15th December 1915. She was reported to have sunk 14 vessels in 15 patrols. ‘Q’ Ship, S.S. PENSHURST was reported to have fired 83 shells at the submarine before she sank on the 30th November 1916, 24 miles SW Portland Bill. 16 prisoners were taken from the submarine. Beating the U-Boats: p50 & The U-boat, Rossler, Eberhard p332.

UC-18 was a German type UC II mine-laying submarine launched on the 4th March 1916. Commissioned into the German Navy on the 15th August 1916 and reported to have sunk 35 vessel during 6 sorties. She was sunk by a British ‘Q Ship’ LADY OLIVE, on the 19 February 1917. English Channel off the Dorset coast.

1 – The correct code is SM UB 19, SM” stands for “Seiner Majestät” (i.e. His Majesty’s)

2 – See also AMY.

3 – Blohm & Voss A. G. Weser (BV) – U-Boat Builders

Day of Loss: 30

Month of Loss: 11

Year of Loss: 1916



Approximate Depth: