Fairey Battle K-7594

Fairey Battle K-7594, 226 Squadron, RAF Harwell, Didcot, Oxfordshire: Aeroplane operating from No. 6 Armanent Training Camp, Woodsford, Dorchester when written off (destroyed) 11/12/37 when spun into a lake, near Chesil Bank, Dorset. Both crew killed:

Sgt Arthur William Butler (pilot, aged 25) killed on active service 11/12/1937
AC.2 William Ernest Vincent (aged 19) killed on active service 11/12/1937

According to a contemporary report in “Flight” magazine (December 16 1937 page 606 – see link #7)

Sergt. Arthur William Butler and A/C.2 William Ernest Vincent lost their lives in an accident which occurred at Chesil Bank, Dorsetshire, on December 11th, to an aircraft of No. 226 (Bomber) Squadron, Harwell, Didcot, Berkshire. Sgt. Butler was the pilot.”

Fairey Battle K7594 was allocated for Ground Instructional Use as GIA Airframe 1803M (although it is not clear if it was ever used as such). Total time on airframe 15.45 hours

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Make: Fairey

Model: Battle

Serial No: K-7594

Pilot: Sgt Arthur William Butler

Date of Loss: 11th December 1937

Reason of Loss: Crashed in to the Fleet

Rough Location: Chesil Fleet