Mysteries and secrets off the Dorset Coast.

With over 30 years experience in Dorset waters Grahame Knott formerly of The Shipwreck Project investigates.

Finding the wrecks, documenting their history and telling their stories is what Deeper Dorset is all about.

From 17th century sailing ships to cold war jets each and every disaster has a story to tell and a place in Dorset's maritime history.

What happened to the stolen military aircraft intercepted by the USAF off the Dorset coast?

Why did four mariners perish in 1979 and what caused the catastrophic damage to their vessel?

Where did the silver bullion go that was lost in WW1?

Is the cannon site located by Grahame connected with the Armada?

What happened to the East Indiaman after she passed Portland bill in the late 18th century?

All this and much much more is why the waters off Dorset are witness to disaster and tragedy the like of which you could not imagine.


Deeper Dorset is all about Dorset’s rich maritime history

From Roman times to present day the evidence and stories are there on and in the seabed.

Fishing dredging and blind indifference threatens to destroy Dorset wreck sites

Leaving for future generations is not an option

To protect our maritime heritage you have to know where it is and there is still so much to discover.

Government departments have been the subject of cut after cut and this has resulted in the mindset that any new finds are an inconvenience.

Sadly many in the diving community that have given so much time and effort exploring and discovering our maritime history have now been alienated by recent legislation and a free source of information and expertise is quickly dying.

Grahame Knott formerly of The Shipwreck Project has spent a lifetime gathering seabed data finding and researching Dorset Shipwrecks.

The high profile sites and stories of submarine M2, warship Formidable and sailing vessel Avalanche are just a very small part of a much larger and lesser known history.

Grahame has heard many times “well someone should do something”…….