Hawker Hurricane P3177

13.08.1940 No 238 Squadron Hawker Hurricane P3177 Sgt. Henry ‘Tony’ Marsh

Operation: Patrol
Date: 13th August 1940 (Tuesday)
Unit: No. 238 Squadron
Type: Hurricane I
Serial: P3177
Base: RAF Middle Wallop
Location: English Channel off Portland
Pilot: Sgt. ‘Tony’ Henry Anthony James Marsh 562584 RAF Age 27. Missing


During a patrol on Adlerangriff (1) (Eagle Day) whilst undertaking the protection of Naval bases he came under attack from Bf109’s – at 16.30 hrs it is understood that he was shot down, crashing into the channel of Portland. Neither he or his aircraft were recovered.

He had claimed a Hell1 destroyed on the 11th August 2 miles east of Weymouth at 10.35 hrs. (shared with Sgt. E.S. Bann) Also a Bf109 on the day he was lost, at 12.15 hrs off Portland.

238 Squadron lost 2 other aircraft this day:

  • Hurricane I P3764 Flown by Sgt. E.W. Seaborne was shot down earlier in the day at 07.30 hrs. He was badly burned but rescued by a Royal Navy destroyer.
  • Hurricane I P3805 Flown by 22 year old Sgt. Ron Little 754893 RAFVR from Armathwaite, Cumberland, was hit but managed to crash land his aircraft at Bredy Farm, near Burton Bradstock. He survived this encounter uninjured. Sadly he went missing the following month on the 28th September flying Hurricane N2400 over the English Channel at 14.45 hrs.

(1) Adlerangriff (Eagle Day) was the day that Goring announced that the Luftwaffe would attack and put out of action the RAF fighter stations in preparation for an amphibious assault of Britain (Operation Sealion) On this day, waves of strong attacks at different times over a ten-hour period came in against Essex and Kent, Sussex and Hampshire. These attacks were seen as the initial strikes.

Hawker Hurricane P3177 1

Make: Hawker

Model: Hurricane

Serial No: P3177

Pilot: Sgt Tony Henry Anthony James Marsh

Date of Loss: 13th August 1940

Reason of Loss: Shot down

Rough Location: Off Portland