Privateer – (LARN) – Portland Beach. Ref. cited C.SP Dom. (Calendar of Domestic State Papers) Charles II. CLXXX p307. (British Library)


Sailing Vessel – (LARN) – Near Weymouth. Ref. given Dor. Mag: No. 48.


4th rate, 26 gun, Man of War – (LARN) – Captain Edmund Button RN. One of eleven King’s ships and thirty merchantmen lost in a battle between Robert Blake and the Dutch Admiral Martin (Maarten) Van Tromp. The battle lasted for three days the SAMPSON being so damaged that the crew were removed and the … Read Article


French Sailing Vessel – (LARN) – Chesil Cove. Dor. Mag: No.48 & PRO: C. L. E190. 882/7 Port Book 21/01/1686.


5th Rate, 28 Gun, Man of War – (LARN) – Portland. SRN: Vol. 1 p413; List of Men of War 1650-1700, Pt 1; BWLS: p6 & Mentioned in Anderson p18.


6th rate 12 Gun, Man of War – (LARN) Had entered the Royal Navy in 1642 Captain Isaias Blowfield. Weymouth Bay. Society for Nautical Research: Occ. Pub No.5 Pt. 1: SRN: Vol. 1 p318.; BWLS: p2.


JOHN [10/02/1669] – Sailing Vessel – Cargo, Cloth. (LARN) – Chesil Cove. Ref. C.SP.Dom. Charles II p191.


Schooner – (LARN) – Chesil Beach, near Wyke. Seven of the twenty man crew were drowned near the Smallmouth Ferry. The manifest listed 12 butts of Sherry, 400 jars of Olives, 2000 barrels of Raisons and 240 pieces of silver & gold (pistoles and pieces of eight). When the Excise officials examined the wrecked the … Read Article


French Sailing Vessel – (LARN) – Lulworth Cove. Cargo Wine. Ref. Dor. Mag: No. 48.


Lymington Sailing Vessel – (LARN, VLI.) – Weymouth Roads. Ref. PRO: C. L. E190. 882/7 Port Book.