Captain, J Jenkins. Cargo, raisons. 8 miles off Portland Bill. Southern Times 15/01/1876p6. Run down and sunk by the Norwegian brig NORDKAP, on a voyage from Santos to Rotterdam. The collision occurred at 2.30 pm, the NORDKAP saving the crew of the other vessel and landing them at Plymouth. ANNIE EDWIN was reported to have … Read Article


DCC: 03/04/1902. “Coal Vessel in Distress off Portland – Captain Washed Overboard. The steamer ROOK of London on Wednesday towed the barque YULAN, Harwich, into Newhaven in a disabled condition. The YULAN was bound from Hull to Salcombe with coals and was caught in Monday night’s gale off Portland, and rendered completely helpless, the mizzen … Read Article


Norwegian Sailing Vessel – Cargo, Salt. (LARN) – Portland Beach. Crew saved Lloyds List: No. 1367: 30/12/1748.


Barque – Captain A. Young. Cargo, Sodium Nitrate. Sank following collision with the S. S. BERLIN . Crew picked up by HMS BLAKE. Check: DCC: 26/12/1896; Weymouth Library Pamphlet L.910.4. BE1. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1895 Appx C Table 1 p143.


Brigantine – Captain W. J. Cambury. Cargo COAL. (LARN) – Sank following a collision with the German S.S. STUTTGART, 8 miles off Portland Bill. Refs. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1895 Appx. C Table 1 p148: Lloyd’s Casualty Returns: 1895 p10(d) & Lloyd’s Register: 1891-2 No. 396(W).


Ketch – Captain Stokes. Cargo GRANITE. Rescue by Poole Lifeboat, MANLEY WOOD. One rescued (Farr: p133) – The vessel had parted from her cables in Studland Bay. Near Bournemouth Pier. Check ref. DCE: 21/03/1876 p2.


Sailing Vessel – Captain Storey. Cargo COAL. (LARN, VLI.) – Portland Bill. Try ref. Sh. Merc: 03/1798.


Sailing Vessel – Salisbury & Winchester Journal: 18/01/1819 “Weymouth Jan. 16. On Monday morning last the ship WILLIAM KEDGER of Plymouth from St. Michael’s for Portsmouth was driven ashore on Portland Beach and the Captain, mate and 1 man were drowned. The only person saved is a boy, son of the mate. Part of the … Read Article


Coastguard John Keogh led a crew to save members of this Schooner crew but lost his life later trying to save the cargo. Refs. Dor. Mag; 1976, No. 50 p19. & Farr: p18.

WILD WAVE of Jersey

Times: Monday, January 20, 1879, Issue 29469 – “The Wild Wave of Jersey from Antwerp for Nantes with lead has been towed into Weymouth by the Commodore, steamer, having been in collision on Friday night off Portland with an unknown vessel (later found to be the John and Ann, Russian Brig, Issue 29470) and sustained … Read Article