Steel Motor Schooner of Antwerp – Captain Groenen. Crew of nine saved. (LARN & Farr: p124) – Studland Bay, Poole. See also U-143


Western Gazette – Friday 26 April 1946 45 foot motor powered, open passenger launch built at Poole in 1922. A pleasure trip that went badly wrong. Excellent chapter Smith: pages 62 – 65. Off Bournemouth. NIL


Motor Fishing Vessel [35M] – Excellent detail in Dive Dorset: 67 p62: GPS; 50 34.27N; 02 38.34W. (Clarke: GPS; 50 34.28N; 02 38.44W) Divers Guide; Weymouth & Portland: Ed 4 p32-33 Wk 8.


Motor Yacht – Weymouth Cutting Book Vol. 20 & (LARN) – Worbarrow Tout near St Alban’s Head. Daily Telegraph: 25/ 09/1978.


Dutch Motor Vessel – Captain J. Bloom. Used in Operation ‘Dynamo’, the Dunkirk evacuation fleet. Hit mine in the Swash Channel. The wreck was cleared in 1947 along with ABEL TASMAN to Studland Bay and placed near the wreck of the HMS SONA. J. Bloom and one crew member were killed. LARN. Ref. LCWLR: WW2, … Read Article


Motor Vessel, Tanker [59M] – (LARN) – Attacked and sunk by the German E-Boat S-67 of the 2nd Flotilla while in convoy WP183, 24 miles SSW of Lyme Bay. . (Clarke: GPS 50 17.86N; 03 00.99W) E-Boat Raid. Refs. British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW2, p38; LCWLR: WW2, p488; Dor. Mag: Special Edition p29 & … Read Article


Sailing Motor Vessel – Collided with M V ZANZIBAR. Bell recovered around turn of the century, laying upright in fifty eight metres  and reasonably intact with damage along the Portside from collision.


HMS Motor Boat No. 149, destroyed by fire in Poole Harbour. Ref. cited ADM.APV. 1919.


Motor Vessel – General Cargo – (LARN) – Listed as having been sunk by the German E-Boat, 2nd Torpedo Flotilla, 24 miles SSW of Portland Bill? See Dor. Mag: Special Edition p29. E-Boat Raid. Other refs. LCWLR: WW2, p477. & Lloyd’s Register: 1938-9(M).


Motor Vessel – (Clarke: GPS; 50 24.41N; 03 01.91W) Sunk by German E-Boats. NIL.