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4th rate, 26 gun, Man of War – (LARN) – Captain Edmund Button RN. One of eleven King’s ships and thirty merchantmen lost in a battle between Robert Blake and the Dutch Admiral Martin (Maarten) Van Tromp. The battle lasted for three days the SAMPSON being so damaged that the crew were removed and the … Read Article


A captured French vessel (FAISEN), 14 gun 6th rate Man of War, taken by the ALBANY in April 1761 – (LARN) – Weymouth [May have been taken into Weymouth] Refs. SRN Vol. 1 p419. & Lloyds List: No. 2686: 09/10/1761.


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32 gun Man of War ran aground on the Shambles Ref. Trim: 1762, VLI. NIL.


French 12 Gun Man of War COMPTE DE MAUREPAS. Sank following a battle with 5th Rate, 32 gun, HMS SOUTHAMPTON – Portland. Ref. Lloyds List: No. 1185: 01/08/1780. Log from HMS Southampton which describes the sinking of Compte Du Maurepas available to view at the National Archives.