Cutter – Captain E. Buzzo. Sank following a collision with S.S. DON of London, 5 miles ESE Anvil Point, Swanage. LARN: Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1884 Appx. C Table 2 p153.


Cutter – Captain G. Anthony. Cargo, Provisions. (LARN, VLI.) – Portland Roads. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn 1898 Appx C Table 1 p139.


Cutter – (LARN) – See also ISOLA. Note: This was the second time within two months that a small craft, Captained by J. Young and owned by W. Miller had foundered at Castletown, Portland. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1896 Appx C table 1 p113.


Pilot Cutter – (LARN) – Sunk by a Danish steamship S.S. JAN. The steamer approached the SPIRIT for a pilot but in a careless and un-seamenlike manner struck and sank her, the cutter going down in two minutes, causing the death of the Pilot, James Zelley. Action was taken against the Danish owners. Check Dorset … Read Article


Sailing Vessel – Captain Wilkinson. (LARN) – Reported Cargo TIN Ingots. – Passage Bridge, near Weymouth. Check the Ref. Southern Times: 11/01/1879. See Times Times: Thursday, January 9, 1879, Issue 29460 – “The Speedy, cutter of Jersey, from Penance for Havre, laden with block tin has gone ashore near Passage Bridge, between Weymouth and Portland; … Read Article


Cutter – Captain G. H. Gush. (LARN, VLI.) – Sank at its moorings in Lyme Regis Harbour. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1901 Appx. C Table 1 p150.


Cutter – Captain E. Way. (LARN) – Portland Breakwater. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1894 Appx. C Table 1 p140.


Cutter which sank following a collision with the S.S. STIRLING CASTLE of Southampton. LARN – Ballard Point, Swanage. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1911 Appx. C Table 1 p103.


Western Daily Press – Saturday 19 April 1913 Cutter – Sank 2 miles off Osmington Mills. LARN, VLI. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1912-13 Appx. C Table 1 p100.


Cutter/Yacht – Captain Strickland. Details in LARN; DCP: 31/10/1887, [Southern Times – Special Edition 31/10/1887] & Dor. Mag: 1975 No.49, p47. – Portland Breakwater. Two survivors. Check to see if DCP is DCC. See also Times The Laureate – 1887 Taken from Shipwrecks by M. Attwooll, p52. “A year after the fortunate escape of the … Read Article