Torpedoes running

Four years ago Deeper Dorset got to hear that a collection of torpedoes and motors many built in Weymouth was in danger of being scrapped if a new home could not be found. We rescued literally tons of parts and spent five thousand pounds transporting them and renting a unit until we could find a way forward, sadly we could not find any Weymouth location to display them and it took us over a year to find homes for every single piece. A museum, technology college, dive centre and various private collectors of militaria all came to the rescue of the huge collection. The WW1 motor in the picture is the last piece we have and was just a pile of corrosion, slowly over a period of two years friend and Deeper Dorset supporter Howard Cogan is restoring this magnificent piece of engineering which will eventually go on display in Weymouth.  

Torpedoes running 1

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